With today's intraoral scanning and CT technology, implant surgeries can be safe and predictable. 


 When planning the surgery, I start with digitally placing the tooth in the right position according to the patients bite.  Because at the end of treatment, what we are really after is a functional, aesthetic looking tooth!

After planning out the correct tooth position, I then plan out the implant placement using data from the CT scan.  This places the implant in a position that is not only optimal for the final tooth, but also in an area that we KNOW is safe and in abundant bone.  


At this point, I know the exact size of implant I will use the day of surgery.  I then design a guide that is then 3D printed.  This guide fits over the teeth, and helps me place the dental implant in the perfect position to restore your smile and chewing ability.  


Technology makes implant surgery more predictable, safer, and ensures the patient gets the long lasting result they are looking for with a dental implant.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to know more about how dental implants could benefit your smile and health. 



Jon Jessen, DDS  

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